Price Guidelines

The cost of a book restoration, repair or rebinding project is dependent upon many factors, so it is difficult to give specific prices for an  “average” job. Instead, it is best to first consider the condition of the book and what treatments may be performed to correct them. So take your books in hand and answer some of the following questions:

  • How large is the book, in height, width, thickness and in the number of pages?
  • Is the textblock intact, i.e. are the pages holding together as a unit or are they coming loose from one another? If so, the book may likely need to be resewn. If the textblock is sound, then resewing will probably be unnecessary.
  • Are there tears to the pages, or sections missing requiring repair?
  • Are there stains to be washed out?
  • Are the hinges where the covers (or “boards”) join the spine weak or broken? Perhaps the boards are totally detached from the text.
  • Are the corners of the boards worn and frayed?
  • If the book is covered in leather, is it sound or is it powdery or delaminating?

These questions, while not exhaustive, will give both of us an idea of what may need to be done to preserve the book. Then consider the following questions as well:

  • Does the book have value as an historical artifact, for sentimental reasons, or for the information it contains?
  • Is it preferable to preserve the book in as original condition as possible, or is it more important that it be able to withstand regular use?
  • If the book is to be rebound, shall it be in a style appropriate to its period of publication?
  • Shall it be bound in cloth, leather, vellum or paper?
  • Are there any additional decorative treatments desired, such as gilt tooling, edge decoration and hand-sewn endbands?

The information gathered will provide us, first of all, with a starting point for a conversation on the possibilities so that we may provide you with an accurate estimate for your project. In the end, it is our desire that we return your books to you fulfilling your expectations in both quality and cost. Click on our contact page  to call us by phone or send us a message on our contact form to discuss any book work you have in mind or would like to investigate further. There you can also send us a photo (of up to 1 mb) so we can see your book.